How to Fold a Quillow


The ever popular Quillow or Magic Pillow is a very versatile quilt and the unique feature of the quillow is that it folds into a pillow for storage, decorating or travel. If you own a quillow, below are instructions on how to fold a quillow:

A square of material is attached to the bottom end of the quillow. The quillow is then held up lengthwise and folded into thirds with the center third having the pillow or 18" square of fabric there. Then fold it in half lengthwise and in half again, having the extra fabric piece on one side and the folds on the other. Reach your hand into the pillow and grab hold of the quilt, all thickness, then turn the extra fabric piece inside out and push out corners and there! you have an 18" square pillow. If you are tired of the traveling blankets being all bunched up or getting dragged out of the car, a quillow is just the solution. It makes the perfect lap robe when traveling or watching TV, and the pillow pocket is great for cold feet. It may sound confusing, but with a little practice this quilt will indeed turn into a magic pillow!


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